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Re: Violent Women?

Sep 05, 1997 08:56 AM
by Tom Robertson

Jaqi wrote:

>Without looking at situations on a case by case basis, which point of view
>do you think is more life threatening.  The man's when his wife slaps him,
>or the woman's when her husband slaps her.  I don't know a whole lot about
>weight and strength statistics, but I think I can generally say that the
>average man weighs more and packs more punch than his wife.

This is partly what kept that newsgroup discussion going for so much
longer than it should have gone.  The men were going to the same kind
of extreme, in not acknowledging that men do more damage when they hit
women than women do when they hit men, as feminists so often do in
ignoring reasons why men and women should have unequal outcomes.   

>In how many households was the man stronger than the woman?

Probably more than 90% of them.

>With regards to the child abuse, who spent more time with the children?
>The man or the woman?

That's the first thing I thought of when I read the statistics about
that.  A man can be far more prone to violence than his wife is, but
the wife may still be violent to their children more often than he is
just by spending more time with them, which is generally the case.  

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