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Rules - corrected version

Sep 05, 1997 08:13 AM
by Nicole Suter

Jerry Schueler wrote:

"HPB says that golden chains (which are what rules are) will bind as
surely as iron chains".

Corrected version - pls ignore the old one

I am sorry, I don't have any reference but would like to tell you how
I understand this.

The golden chains really look like golden chains. In the middle of the
noetical dimension the duality stops. Totally outside of this noetical
dimensions there are two more dimensions and there are the golden
chains coming from. The roules of God you could say.

The iron chains come from the middle of the noetical dimension
downwards and I see them as kind of worms. They mean everything
that binds you to the duality, including Maya. They actually make
the Maya. It means, that you will find the Maya inside you and
this is why you have to go through the Kama Loka.

Both forms of chains surely bind - the golden ones to love, peace
and freedom, the iron ones are heavy boundaries. Boundaries made
out of hatred, fear, guilt, desires ...

I hope, I could have helped a little.

Nicole Suter

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