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Re: Is God testing again? - Tom

Jul 15, 1997 09:37 PM
by Titus Roth wrote:

> I'm afraid so.  One of the spiritual and philosophical conclusions that I
> concur with is:  "There are only two emotions - Love and Fear."

> What seems like "evil" or "hatred" is, to me, a manifestation of an intense
> and towering fear. Hitler was a man tortured by his Fear - as were/are his
> followers. I am, in no way, minimizing how dangerous and devastating that
> Fear can be - and the immense suffering it can cause others - but I don't
> think of Hitler as an "evil" man.  To me, there is no such being.  Nor do I
> believe that Hitler's or anyone's "soul," "monad," "jiva," "ruh," "atman,"
> etc. . . can ever be "lost" - because if that were so, that would mean that
> Fear is stronger than Love - that it can forever confiscate or prevent the
> Re-Unification of what belongs to and is Love.

I would modify this somewhat, myself. There is a qualitative difference
between even intense fear and hatred, though fear does precede hatred.

Depending on how you mean it, I agree that no one is evil. But evil can work
through someone. Karmic missteps build a dweller body that has a kind of
unholy intelligence. This entitized body is visible to some, extremely
powerful, and capable of inspiring absolutely monstrous acts.

It is true that the concept of evil has been misused. Deciding whether
something is evil is a very error prone thing.  All kinds of projections can
arise. As Nietzsche wrote, (approximately)

   "Many a man has sought to drive out his demons, and only succeeded in
    entering the swine himself."

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