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Re: Rave, but you may pay consequences

Jul 15, 1997 08:30 PM
by ramadoss

At 11:23 PM 7/15/97 -0400, Tom Robertson wrote:
>Doss wrote:
>>   I still wonder if one sees something is wrong, one should keep
>>quiet.  Speaking up for the right reason and right cause requires
>That raises an issue that could be its own discussion - truth vs.
>goodness.  I see them as a pair of opposites, between which an optimal
>balance should be sought.  There is a time to be truthful, and a time
>to be tactful.  It is the intuition's job to tell what is appropriate
>when, and fixed rules that the mind finds comfortable are

I agree. I believe that when issues come up or something is seen -- our
intuition or intelligence will tell us what the right thing to do at that
time. This can happen only if we are not conditioned by other factors such
as fear, greed, ambition, egotism, pride etc. etc.  Every rule has
exceptions. So, I don't believe in fixed rules. If fixed rules are ok, then
a computer can be programmed to respond better than human beings!


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