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Re: Is God testing again? - Tom

Jul 15, 1997 03:28 PM
by kymsmith

Tom wrote:

>Heil, Hitler!  There, do you still believe hatred doesn't exist?

I'm afraid so.  One of the spiritual and philosophical conclusions that I
concur with is:  "There are only two emotions - Love and Fear."

What seems like "evil" or "hatred" is, to me, a manifestation of an intense
and towering fear. Hitler was a man tortured by his Fear - as were/are his
followers. I am, in no way, minimizing how dangerous and devastating that
Fear can be - and the immense suffering it can cause others - but I don't
think of Hitler as an "evil" man.  To me, there is no such being.  Nor do I
believe that Hitler's or anyone's "soul," "monad," "jiva," "ruh," "atman,"
etc. . . can ever be "lost" - because if that were so, that would mean that
Fear is stronger than Love - that it can forever confiscate or prevent the
Re-Unification of what belongs to and is Love.


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