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Re: Is God testing again? - Tom

Jul 15, 1997 01:02 AM
by Tom Robertson

>Tom Robertson wrote:

>> All this from the same individual who said that political
>> conservatives have "hatred for the poor" just because they have a
>> solution for what 32 years of liberalism has failed to do.

>I do not recall saying that political conservatives have "hatred for the
>poor."  In what post was this?  

The one I dreamed up.

>If I said what you say I said, I apologize - however, again, I am
>doubtful as I don't  believe the emotion of "hate" really even exists.

Heil, Hitler!  There, do you still believe hatred doesn't exist?

>So there. . .neener, neener.

Do you always say that when you LOSE?

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