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Re: assurances of freedom in a controlling org.

Jul 14, 1997 11:32 PM
by Tim Maroney

>There is indeed an emphasis in *Theosophy* on freedom from
>authoritarian dictation.  But that has not prevented the
>*Theosophical Society* from becoming an authoritarian and
>dictatorial organization.  Or rather, an outwardly democratic
>shell for an inner group that makes no bones about having an
>authoritarian dictator at its head-- who just happens to also
>be TS President.

Of course, all groups and traditions mythologize themselves, and the 
myths are always largely false. The Theosophical Society is no exception. 
I alternate between sharing your outrage at the hypocrisy of 
authoritarian groups insisting they're free (an issue that has gotten me 
in big trouble in O.T.O.), and a somewhat contrary feeling that since 
mythologization is inevitable, there are worse myths one could have than 
the myth of freedom, however untrue to life it may be. At least that myth 
will attract some people who wind up seeing through the veneer to the 
actual state of the group, and rebelling positively against it. If the 
group said up front that it had no respect for the individual and 
believed that all other opinions should be considered subordinate to 
those of its officers, then its chances of its ever redeeming itself 
would be slight indeed.

Tim Maroney

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