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Jul 15, 1997 09:06 AM
by A. Safron

Hi folks!

True to tradition, I got into a car accident just before
the Annual Meeting and Summer Session.  It will probably
be repaired during that time period.

This time I was driving down a narrow street, made even
narrower by a big ice cream truck, a car going south and a 
parked car.  As I drove north, trying not to hit anyone, the 
lady in the parked car decided to to open her car door.
The side of her door was hit by my headlight, crumpling
the door and throwing tiny pieces of glass all over the
street.  The lady started jumping up and down and
yelling at me in the middle of the street, even though I
never saw her open her car door.  The real cause was 
that there was'nt enough room on the street for anyone.
Hope I'm not boring you.

My insurance company claims that I may be at 
fault if the door was "hit a certain way".  Yes, it's true.
If I see an open car door on a busy street, I go for
that sucker and try to smash it into little pieces.:-)
What a bunch of baloney.

Larry, Gerda and Chuck, let me know what's
happening at the Meeting!

-A. Safron

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