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Re: "She does rave betimes"

Jul 15, 1997 06:54 AM
by ramadoss

At 08:39 PM 7/14/97 -0400, A. Safron wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: "She does rave betimes"
>> Date: Sunday, July 13, 1997 5:35 PM
>> At 05:50 PM 7/13/97 -0400, A. Safron wrote:
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>> >> To: Multiple recipients of list <>
>> >> Subject: "She does rave betimes"
>> >> Date: Sunday, July 13, 1997 2:25 AM
>> >> 
>> >> Well, far be it for me to nit-pick! but, in the recent issue of
"Quest" (the
>> >> teeny one), John Algeo addressed a reader who wrote about desiring an
>> >> article which would discuss how the "Heaven's Gate tragedy" could never
>> >> happen in Theosophy.  Algeo answered that the TS has "certain inherent
>> >> protections against the sort of cult behavior. . .associated with groups
>> >> like the Heaven's Gate organization.  Chief among those is the emphasis in
>> >> Theosophy on personal responsibility and freedom from authoritarian
>> >> dictation."  
>> >
>> >It is also interesting that any research done on Heaven's Gate also
>> >mentions the fact that Bonnie Nettles, one of the two leaders, was
>> >a member of the Houston Theosophical Society.  She taught Herff what
>> >she knew from that and then weaved into their own UFO philosophy.
>> >
>> >In the now-popular-book, "The Gods Have Landed", it states: "We are now
>> >in a position to examine HPB's role  in shaping the (alien) contactee
>> picture. . . . 
>> >LIttle recognzed, and certainly not emphasized by either Blavatsky or
>> modern theosohists, 
>> >HPB included among the heierarchy a master who dwelt on Venus and with whom
>> she was in
>> >contact.  These masters she termed the Lords of the Flame and the Lord of
>> This World, the Head
>> >of the heirarchy for humanity."
>> >
>>   Indian scriptures have mentioned these Adepts - called Kumaras - from
>> antiquity and is nothing new at least in that part of the world. What HPB
>> did was to bring it to the attention of the modern world and more precisely
>> explaine e Their position and the role They played in helping Man/Woman.
>> Just to clarify.
>> ..........doss
>Yes, when Carl Sagan presented his Cosmos series, one of my husband's
>Indian co-workers mentioned that.  It is we, westerners, that are ignorant
>but seem to act superior about what we do not know.
>Perhaps there is a sense of superiority in thinking one species is alone in
>the universe and it's easy to laugh to other aliens.  Some of them are
>when not backed by scientific investigation and common sense.  But, as the
>late Sagan said, how could there be only humanity on God's pallette.
>However, I would venture to say that most aliens are so different than us, it
>will scare the wits out you if  you see them.  And MHO, is that there's a lot
>of biological and scientific work going between the species.
>A. Safron

         I agree. No matter what and how the aliens look feel and act, to me
at least, does not matter personally. I have a life to live and problems and
issues to be taken care of which keeps me busy. Only wish may be, if I can
get an all knowing alien to help me to post msgs here and make the list more
useful and interesting would help!!!!


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