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Re: We doth rave betimes

Jul 15, 1997 06:49 AM
by ramadoss

At 10:26 PM 7/14/97 -0400, Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
>In message <>, Bart Lidofsky
><> writes
>>       I don't understand how not putting forth a better case would imply that
>>John Algeo is an ersatz wanna-be.
>>       Look, you know what John Algeo was talking about, I know what John
>>Algeo was talking about, we ALL know what John Algeo is talking about.
>>It's just that so many people here are so filled with unreasoning hatred
>>that they feel it is necessary to twist his words around, so that they
>>can pretend that he is saying something evil, because otherwise, they
>>can't feel superior to him.
>Wrong again.
>The truth is that so many people here want to see genuine thesophical
>principles at work, especially in the Adyar-based Society.  I, like
>thousands of others over many many years, finally left because like
>them, I found that *I* was *falsely* accused of evil simply because I
>chose to seek truth rather than follow the party line.
>The TS had three main founders.  The first to leave (be thrown out) was
>Judge.  Many others, including those who later headed other
>'theosophical' organisations, departed for similar reasons both before
>and after the Leadbeater affair.  The basic reasons have always been the
>same - an apparent desire to control the thinking and behavior of the
>members.  It is still going on, and from reading of the events in the
>USA (where I do not live) from TS members there over the past year or
>two, it is clear that this perception remains.
>There is no religion higher than truth, it appears, so long as we agree
>with the view as seen through E.S. colored spectacles.  It is (or was -
>though I doubt it has changed) in the English Section.
>I have no desire, *nor any need* to feel either superior or inferior to
>John Algeo.  You seem to be complaining about the attitudes or opinions
>of subscribers to this list.  Maybe they, like me, have reasons for
>their attitudes and opinions - I know some do, as they have told me
>privately as well as on theos-l.  LISTEN TO US.

   It is the varying attitudes and opinions and anyone searching for the
Truth -- however one may define Truth to be -- under the one unifying
principle "Helping Humanity" that provides real strength to the T Movement. 

At least we should recognize the fact that many of those who take time to
write and post here do make time to do it in spite of their very busy
schedule and commitments without finding excuses. Let us not forget all of
us have other commitments that demand much of our time (to make a living.)
Many of us work round the clock and run businesses not to the wonderful
schedule of Monday-Friday, 9:00-noon, 1:15-5:00. And many of us would have
been *out* of business long time ago and be homeless if we kept these hours.
Even TS would not here today if HPB kept these hours when she toiled to
provide what she gave to the world.

My 2 cents worth.



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