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Jun 21, 1997 08:25 AM
by ramadoss

Mark posted a msg on the topic. Here is an article I read several years ago.

Organ Transplant

In the June 1986 issue of Theosophy in New Zealand a question and answer
article dealing with human organ transplants appeared. The article gave some
erroneous answers to some very  serious questions. I have included the
questions and answers as given in the magazine article followed by some
Theosophical teachings on the subject.

Question 1: The question of human organ transplants has: been troubling me
for some time. How does the T.S. view  them?

Answer I doubt if the T.S. as a body has any official view on this question,
and individual opinions  may differ. Our literature as  yet provides no
guidance on it these new procedures.

Question 2: It would seem a noble gesture to donate one's organs for -
transplantation, but does the removal of essential organs at death have any
lasting effect on the recipients after recovery and do they have any lasting
effect on the "soul" in future?

Answer: The only  effect on the "soul" in donating organs to  give added
life to the doomed would, I think be the normal rewards of generosity in any

Apart from the medical risks I doubt that the recipient would be affected in
any way. The organs of the dead body are in a waning condition, whereas the
l recipient is in a positives state. It seems to me most unlikely that a
single organ could produce any overall effect on the recipient's body. I
understand that only health organs are used.

>From all I have read I understand that the etheric double remains intact
even though parts of the physical body may have been removed. The rejection
of the new organ so often  experienced would probably be caused by the
incompatibility of the donated organ with its new psychic field.

Question 3: Bone marrow transplants and  blood transfusions also trouble me.
Would the same principles apply here as with organ transplants?

Answer: Bone marrow transplants and blood transfusions are now accepted as
normal life-saving techniques and apart from some religious strictures, it
really comes down to personal choice, taking into account age, quality of
life, responsibilities land expense. I should think that the: same
principles would apply in transplants and transfusions.

Reply to question l:

The T.S. as a body may have no official view on the subject, but it does
offer a wealth of information on this subject.

In Blavatsky's Collected Writings (BCW) Volume 12, page 694, we quote:

"...the Heart is the organ of  the Spiritual Consciousness; it corresponds
indeed to Prana, ... The Heart represents the Higher Triad,  while the Liver
and Spleen represent - the  Quaternary, ...The Heart is the king of the
Body, Body, its most important organ."

As we can see, the heart is the: most important organ for Spiritual
Consciousness. By removing the heart or any other organ from a person and
implanting it into another body, the astral imprint of the donating
individual I is transplanted along with the physical  heart or other organ.
If  the center of your Spiritual Consciousness removed and another
implanted, what effect do you think it would have on you? I would say that
you would not be all of yourself, but a combination of two people.

Reply to question 2:

The removal of organs for transplant might appear to be a noble action on
the superficial level, but if one thinks about it in the light of Theosophy,
one can see the  emptiness of the whole effort  of trying to extend the life
of an individual in this way.

We should do whatever is reasonable to keep people alive, but we should also
remember that there is no death.

If one has to sever their spiritual consciousness to remain alive, I would
think that it would be far nobler to die a graceful death than to do so.

An operation  such as a  heart transplant would have a very profound effect
on both individuals as their Karma would be mixed in a very intimate way.

Reply to question 3:

In BCW Volume 12, page 699, the blood "is the vital principle in us, Pranic
rather than Prana and is closely allied to Kama and to the Linga Sarira,
..the circulation of life, Prana through the Body is by way of the Blood."

Blood transfusions would also impart astral and other influence from the
donor and might have a very long effect on the individual.

It is now recommended by the medical authorities to give one's own blood
before an operation if at all possible. This also prevents the transference
of latent diseases.

The real issue  is, man's fear of death.

Through the Theosophical teachings of reincarnation and Karma, the
individual learns how to accept  life and death as different aspects of the
same thing and he therefore learns how to nobly and ethically live as well
as how to nobly and ethically die.


MKR Comment:

If anyone has the original article which appeared in the Theosophy in NZ
magazine, and if I can get hold of a photocopy, I can arrange to post it here.

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