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Re: Peddling Meditation for a high price

Jun 21, 1997 04:54 AM
by ramadoss

At 11:48 PM 6/20/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I just saw this in a Magazine from India. In an article discussing burnout
>of top executives and increased incidence of heart problems in late thirtees
>and early forties, various techniques are being tried to reduce stress.
>It is reported that "And at a seminar held in Goa (a city in India), in
>March, Deepak Chopra, the guru of gurus, prescribed, at Rs. 85,000 per
>person, primordial sound meditation to 300 .. corporate executives."
>What strikes me is the fact that Rs. 85,000 is a very high price indeed
>considering the monthly wages of an average skilled employee is about 6,000.
>While you charge whatever the customers can bear without complaining, I
>wonder if it is ok to peddle any of the mediative techniques.
>In passing, it may be recalled that Chopra some months ago gave one day
>seminar at Krotona and it was well attended and a lot of his books were sold
>much to the  satisfaction of the organizers. With his movie actress (I can't
>recall her name -- she was in the cover of I believe People magazine with
>her bloated pregnant belly) PR person, I think Chopra is doing very well.
A follow up.

Some months ago I saw a msg in a news group mentioning that Chopra seems to
be charging it appears for the above sound meditation somewhere in the
neighborhood of $35-40,000 (yes $40,000) in the US and there are takers in
droves. Is there anyone who has heard about the above pricing?


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