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Peddling Meditation for a high price

Jun 20, 1997 08:46 PM
by ramadoss

I just saw this in a Magazine from India. In an article discussing burnout
of top executives and increased incidence of heart problems in late thirtees
and early forties, various techniques are being tried to reduce stress.

It is reported that "And at a seminar held in Goa (a city in India), in
March, Deepak Chopra, the guru of gurus, prescribed, at Rs. 85,000 per
person, primordial sound meditation to 300 .. corporate executives."

What strikes me is the fact that Rs. 85,000 is a very high price indeed
considering the monthly wages of an average skilled employee is about 6,000.
While you charge whatever the customers can bear without complaining, I
wonder if it is ok to peddle any of the mediative techniques.

In passing, it may be recalled that Chopra some months ago gave one day
seminar at Krotona and it was well attended and a lot of his books were sold
much to the  satisfaction of the organizers. With his movie actress (I can't
recall her name -- she was in the cover of I believe People magazine with
her bloated pregnant belly) PR person, I think Chopra is doing very well.


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