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Re: Transplants

Jun 21, 1997 09:03 AM
by Tom Robertson

On Sat, 21 Jun 1997 11:27:53 -0400 (EDT) writes:

>Mark posted a msg on the topic. Here is an article I read several
>years ago.

>Organ Transplant

>The removal of organs for transplant might appear to be a noble action
>on the superficial level, but if one thinks about it in the light of
>Theosophy, one can see the emptiness of the whole effort of trying to
>extend the life of an individual in this way.
>We should do whatever is reasonable to keep people alive, but we
>should also remember that there is no death.
>If one has to sever their spiritual consciousness to remain alive, I
>would think that it would be far nobler to die a graceful death than to
>An operation such as a heart transplant would have a very profound
>effect on both individuals as their Karma would be mixed in a very
>intimate way.

Maybe I'm inferring more than was implied in this article, but it seems
to be frowning on organ transplants due merely to the fact that it might
mingle the donor's non-physical influence with that of the recipient.
Any help that anyone gives to anyone is interfering with them, but that
doesn't necessarily make it bad.  It also seems to say that extending
life is futile, since death is an illusion, anyway.  If this is true, why
not apply that principle consistently and not care at all in any way
about the quality or the duration of one's life?  Maybe if children are
starving to death, we shouldn't feed them, since the only thing that
matters is their spiritual growth.  Maybe cleanliness should be
neglected, since it only pertains to an illusory life, anyway.

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