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Year 2000 planetary alignments...

Jun 15, 1997 05:28 AM
by Patrick Alessandra Jr.

from newsgroup discussions:

"Actually, this may be common knowledge by now, but an alignment of
solar, lunar and planetary bodies will be occurring in 2000.  The sun,
Mercury, Venus, Earth and it's moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will all
be lined up in a row.  I'm not sure if the moon will be on the same
side as the sun when this occurs or not, but either way, the effects
will be felt worldwide.

"As we all know, high and low tides depend on the position of the moon,
since the gravitational pull of the moon is what causes them.

"The effects of this will obviously be a drastic rise in the level of
water in the oceans.  Keep in mind that this ice mass is three miles
thick and is as large as the United States and Canada combined, so
this kind of water rise is believable.  Some sources suggest that
Dallas, Texas will be a seaport.  This, of course, will leave Houston
a little on the moist side.

"Although I have not heard or read this anywhere, I find it quite
possible that this alignment could also pull our artificial satellites
out of their geostationary orbit, thereby rendering modern
intercontinental communications useless, as well as the overseas
internet information."


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