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Jun 15, 1997 06:00 AM
by Einar Adalsteinsson & A.S.B.

Hi friends.

I have been prepairing a workshop for our Summer School in Iceland, and for
that purpose I am mining in some published and unpublished writings of Mr.
Sigvaldi Hjalmarsson, my "guru" and mentor from the time I entered the TS
until his death a decade ago. I have always wanted to share his writings
with somewhat wider international circle of spiritual seekers than is
available here in Iceland becaus of the language barrier.

For this purpose I would like to make an experiment by inviting those that
would like his style of practical spiritual advisory to "subscribe" to short
selected passages translated from his writings.
Bacause of obvious copyright reasons this has to be on a person to person
basis, although I am confident that he would not have minded a wider
publishity for his teachings.

For the same reason I would like to invite to a person to person discussion
about the subjects in hand - BUT - I will not argue, or indulge in
arguments,  on the truth or falseness of his points of view. In general I
think that argumenting in gegneral is utterly futile "game of the mind" and
in particular when S.H. is concerned my experience was that when I didnīt
understand some points, and invited myself to a discussion with him, I
always came painfully aware of how little i knew and how profound his
understanding was when it came to the mystical and esoteric realms.

In my opinion it is of paramount importance, when studying spiritual
matters, to rely ONLY on ones own "discrimination" and "momentous
intuivity". One should never believe in anything one reads or hears or
thinks or believes! Words can never convey the truth - they can point to "A
truth" or an understanding within the receiver, but without such "momentous
insights" words and concepts are only emty containers, a mere figments of
the mind. Truth - or real understanding - is also always momentous and
therefore non-memorable. Memories of truth is never the truth.

So, if you are still interested, then drop me a line and we will se if
somthing can be worked out.

        From the Spiritual Well of S.H.
"The conscious process is movement, and the body is more closely in contact
with the consciousness if it is not static. The yogis in India were, and
still are, moving about a lot. They walked from village to village, often
travelling 5 hours a day, or more. All thinkers have been great walkers and
also all yogis. One should walk in a natural way, neither fast nor slow, and
the consciousness is then in a meditative state. During the walking there
will emerge a relaxed and light or exalted feeling, together with bodily
fatigue, which also is in a mysterious way wakeful for the spirit.
Similarily it's my suspicion that it's necessary sometimes to be hungry.
Here in the West we are never really hungry, on the contrary, we are often
full, even overfilled, which is tremendously dulling for the psyche. He who
doesn't wish to starve from time to time, should never eat so that he feels
quite full, and perhaps that is the best way." (from hssh #39)

There is also some reading by H.S. at the TS HomePage,


With LOVE to you all.

Einar from Iceland.
Let's change the world to the better,
by each of us changing ourselves,

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