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About what M.K.Ramadoss posted (TS and its future)

Jun 03, 1997 04:10 PM
by Romero Cortez D.Ma

I wanted to said something about the large text Doss put the other day.
The text is very large, and here in school pepole, in finals, compete
too much for so few computers, so i'll try to be brief and point the
most important subjects on that text (that i consider by the way very
a) This person (Geoffrey Farthing) really knew well the subject, and it
states brefly all the lifestory of the T.S since Blavatsky's foundation.
but i believe something in that is missing.
b) Let me quote this because in this quoting (even if was from a very
diffrent subject) has the main point of what i want to say:

> >A large group of our Society does not accept CWLeadbeater's writings,
> >a subset of that group lumps Annie Besant together with CWL, the split
> >over Krishnamurti continues . . . and so on.
> By my opinion, these three persons did well, and as well as they could. But
> each of them made mistakes. Our mistake is to expect to much of them, and
> thereby accept them with a swallow or expel them with a condemn.

That is true. ALL the blabbing in the Geoffrey letter only says that
this person is somewhat angry with that.
ALL of us made mistakes. even Blavatsky,Bessant,CWL and K. the thing is
not being so severe with others the way we cannot be with us.

I have to go, they want to use the machine here, later i will fully post
more....salutes to all here.

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