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Re: High Country Theosophist

Jun 03, 1997 07:36 PM
by dslusser

M K Ramadoss wrote:
> Dear Slusser:
> Myself and several others would like to know more about HCT. Can you let
> us know how we can subscribe and any other information that might be
> helpful. When I receive the info, I plan to post it on theos-l.
> thanks
> M K Ramadoss
> Eldon B. Tucker wrote:
> >
> > >One of my friends was inquiring about Hill Country Theosophist. Can you
> > >provide information about how one can subscribe to it. You may want to post
> > >a response to theos-l directly. Thanks. I am copying this msg to
theos-l also.
> >
> > The editor is Dick Slusser, You might want to ask
> > him for a short writeup of his magazine which you could repost. (The
> > magazine is called the HIGH COUNTRY THEOSOPHIST.)
> >
> > -- Eldon

THE HIGH COUNTRY THEOSOPHIST is an independent Journal and has the
following editorial objectives:

(1) To serve the greater Theosophical Movement as a forum for the free
interchange of ideas and commentary in the pursuit of Truth and to
facilitate various projects in furtherance of Theosophical principles.

(2) To present articles and essays consistent with source theosophy,
otherwise known as the Ancient Wisdom as given by The Masters and H.P.
Blavatsky, and other theosophical writers consistent with this

(3) To examine contemporary ethical, religious, metaphysical, scientific
and philosophical issues from the viewpoint of the source theosophical

(4) To impartially examine significant events and issues in the history
of the theosophical movement which have affected and shaped its
present-day realities.

Abstracts of Back Issues

The High Country Newsletter

[Nov. ‘86]	An introduction to the writings of the real  founders of
the theosophical movement — the Masters.  An invitation to study The
Secret Doctrine, using an intuitive approach.  Dick’s proposal to teach
a beginners’ course in Theosophy through Learning Unlimited is accepted.

[Dec. ‘86]	We discuss the Masters and their work and practice
inspirational/intuitive problem solving using a card deck made up of
quotations from the Masters.

[Jan. ‘87]	The Unity of Life.  Introduces the concept of The One
Life and One Consciousness which pervades all manifested being and has
its Source in Be-ness — “an omnipresent, eternal, boundless and
immutable substance principle.”

[Apr. ‘87]	Review of Videotape The Lost Years of Jesus, produced by
Richard Bock. The program concerns the mystery of the life of Jesus
between the age of 12 and 30; also discusses Shroud of Turin and Sword
of Longines.

[Aug. ‘87]	A Farewell from the Other Side - A Personal Experience.
Dick Slusser’s brother-in-law says “farewell” in a lucid dream.

[Sept. ‘87]	Summary: The Origin & Evolution of Man, by Adam Warcup.
 Part 1 of 3: Glossary of Sanskrit terms and commentary on Lunar Pitris.

[Oct. ‘87]	Summary: The Origin & Evolution of Man, by Adam Warcup.
 Part 2 of 3: The Awakening of mind - the Kumaras’ sacrifice.  Two
letters on violence in Nicaragua.

[Oct. ‘87 #2]	Summary: The Origin & Evolution of Man, by Adam Warcup.
 Part 3 of 3:  Religion of the Lemurians and Atlanteans and the role of
the “Initiator.”

[Nov. ‘87]	On Channeling.  Guidelines for Authenticity from the
American Theosophist.

[Dec. ‘87]	Mahatma Letter #10, on God and Evil.  Excerpts from
Letter #10 and from the Bhagavadgita.

[Jan. ‘88]	What is Spirit and Matter and Who was Jesus?  Master
K.H. in an 1882 Theosophist article (excerpt) and H.P.B. in an 1887
interview with Charles P. Johnson.

[Feb. ‘88]	The Masters:- Who are They?  Quotes from The Mahatma
Letters and Annie Besant.

[Mar. ‘88]	On Channeling.  A quote from H.P.B. and an article in
Theosophical Network suggest that some channeled material may be

[Apr. ‘88]	Inhabitants of the Astral World.  Excerpts from The
Mahatma Letters.

[May ‘88]	The Elixir of Life - “Is the Desire to ‘Live’ Selfish?”
Steps on the path of purification.

[June ‘88]	The Mars-Mercury Controversy. Why were The Mahatma
Letters published?

[July ‘88]	On Channeling.  Annie Besant and H.P.B. on
communications from “the other side” and the various inhabitants of the
astral world.

[Aug. ‘88]	Devachan and Avitchi; about the various Lokas, Lost
Souls, and Satan. The full unexpurgated text of the 1900 letter of
advice from Master K.H. to Annie Besant.

[Sept. ‘88]	Therapeutic Touch in The New Age; Colonel Olcott: Healer
of the 1880s; Excerpts from Old Diary Leaves and Alice Bailey’s Esoteric
Healing; Review of a Theosophical Video.

[Oct. ‘88]	Ethics: For Wimps Only?  Bill Moyers and Michael
Josephson consider various ethical problems in contemporary life.

[Nov. ‘88]	What of Phenomena?  Some contemporary Ram Dass tales
from Miracle of Love; A.P. Sinnett’s “Cup and saucer incident”;
Rationale for the production of “phenomena” in the 1880s and why WORD
came to stop it.

[Dec. ‘88]	On Capital Punishment.  An 1895 essay by W.Q. Judge and
passages from The Mahatma Letters give the theosophical case against
capital punishment.

[Jan. ‘89]	Native American Religion and The Ancient Wisdom.
Correspondences between Theosophy and Amerindian Cherokee tribal
traditions as described in the book Voices of Our Ancestors by Dhyani
[Feb. ‘89]	The Swastika: Why does Theosophy use it? For many people
it is a symbol of Nazi oppression and genocide.  How Hitler came to
adopt it and it’s historical significance in Theosophy.

[Mar. ‘89]	The Ancient Wisdom in Fairy Tales.  Can there be an
occult level of meaning in the Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tale “The
Snow Queen?”  The tale is compared with H.P. Blavatsky’s Voice of the

[Apr. ‘89]	Reincarnation Potpourri.  References in the Old and New
Testaments which may allude to reincarnation and explicit references in
the Hindu tradition compared.

[May ‘89]	P.G. Bowen and his Berber Teacher, Part 1.  The son of
Cmdr. Robert Bowen and one of H.P.B’s students, P.G.B. was introduced to
the Ancient Wisdom by an occultist in Africa, a member of the Berber
tribe. Bowen describes how he encountered his Teacher.

[June ‘89]	Insights from studies in At the Feet of the Master.
Highlights from Stephan Hoeller’s talks on C.G. Jung and the Eastern
Religions and The Magic of the Animal Powers — Shamanism, Divination and
Syncronicity.  P.G. Bowen’s Berber Teacher Part 2— The Sayings of the
Ancient One.

[July ‘89]	Monads and Group Souls.  The idea of a “Group Soul” as a
distinct entity in the animal kingdom found in a number of “second
generation” Theosophical texts: C.W. Leadbeater, Annie Besant and others
the Adyar lineage are compared with teachings of G. de Purucker in the
Judge lineage.

[Aug. ‘89]	A Modern Look at the Theosophical Masters.  Are the
Mahatmas, H.P.B.’s Teachers, now long deceased physical men, or are They
lofty spiritual Beings still guiding the Theosophical movement?
Excerpts from writings of H.P.B., W.Q.J., G. de P. and Master K.H.

[Sept. ‘89]	Is Chelaship possible in the West?  Gerald Schueler says
that “all one needs for Chelaship is the burning desire in one’s heart —
and that the kind of qualifications set forth by Damodar in the 1880s
are ‘nonsense’ in today’s world.”  What did Damodar and the Masters say
about this?

[Oct. ‘89]	The Mystery of H.P. Blavatsky and her writings.  The
paranormal methods H.P.B. used in writing Isis Unveiled and The Secret
Doctrine are described by H.S. Olcott and Countess Wachtmeister.  The
mystery of H.P.B. as “the psychological cripple” is discussed in letters
from Master K.H. and A.O. Hume; Bibliography of literature by or about
H.P. Blavatsky.

[Nov. ‘89]	Without distinction of Race, Creed, Sex ... Is the T.S.
Sexist?  Transcript of a workshop by Beverley Noia;  Secular Humanism
and the crash of Flight 232.  Questions of life and death in a dialogue
from a local newspaper.  (Part 1 of 2)

Dec. ‘89]	A second Pilgrimage to India.  Editor Dick Slusser
returns to India with Marty Lyman.  Secular Humanism and Flight 232 Part

[Jan. ‘90]	A second Pilgrimage to India — Part 2: The Sri Aurobindo
Ashram and Auroville; Indian Section T.S. headquarters at Varanasi and
travel experiences in India.

[Feb. ‘90]	On hypnotism.  A discussion with two U.L.T. Theosophists
in Bangalore India; What Master K.H., W.Q. Judge and H.P. Blavatsky say
about mesmerism and hypnotism.

[Mar. ‘90]	From the Secret Doctrine: H.P.B.’s recapitulation of
Vol. I;  The six fundamental propositions.

[Apr. ‘90]	Cycles, Manvantaras and Rounds — and a time paradox.
Figures for the duration of the Rounds, Manvantaras, Root-Races and
sub-Races and an insight into the difference between “time” and

[May ‘90]	The 1980s seen esoterically.  Channeled material by
David Spangler of Scotland’s Findhorn Community has proven to be
prophetic.  National dharmas of the Soviet Union, Islam, China and the
U.S.  “Folksouls” and “national identities.”

[June ‘90]	The 1980s seen esoterically — part 2. More on the world
dharmas of the U.S., U.S.S.R., and China. Emergence of the “global
village,” economic forecast  for the 80s, and the role of “traditional

[July ‘90]	The Kali Yuga. Concerning the “Kali-Yuga”  — an age of
spiritual darkness — and what is good about it.

[Aug. ‘90]	Global Transformation and our Responsibilities.
Reflection on challenges  facing the T.S. in the coming 21st century.  A
review of the mandate given the T.S. by the Maha-chohan in the 1880s,
also some views expressed by W.Q. Judge.  A “Sister-Lodge” proposal.

[Sept. ‘90]	The Minneapolis Letter. Commentary on the dissention
within the American Section of the Adyar T.S. over the dismissal of Bing
Escudero as the sole paid lecturer of the section.  Video reviews of The
Theosophical Movement and its Importance by John Cooper, and The
Perennial Wisdom by April Hejka-Ekins.

* * * *  End High Country Newsletter  * * * *
* * * *Begin High Country Theosophist * * * *

[Oct. ‘90]	Karma: an article by Wm. Q. Judge; A reader’s response;
Our editorial objectives.

[Nov. ‘90]	Adepts in America in 1776: commentary by H.P.B. and
W.Q.J.; Social Transformation - Local and Global. How can we
participate?  Upcoming workshop with Tim Boyd.

[Dec. ‘90]	Vegetarianism and Theosophy.  What H.P.B. and W.Q.J. had
to say about the vegetarian diet;  Proposals to Wheaton headquarters
arising from the Tim  Boyd workshop.

[Jan. ‘91]	Vegetarian diet: Personal and Political implications.
Frances Moore Lappe’s views of the politics of vegetarianism in her Diet
for a Small Planet.  News from New Zealand; Rules for being human; Ten
Strong Things from the Talmud.

[Feb. ‘91]	The Persian Gulf War: A theosophist’s reflections; Book
review: In Search of the Masters by Paul Johnson;  Master K.H. in

[Mar. ‘91]	Are the teachings of Theosophy outdated?  Editorial
critique on an article by John Algeo in the Jan./Feb. ‘91 American
Theosophist and response in Emmett Small’s rebuttal in The Eclectic

[Apr. ‘91]	The Moon: An Enigma.Mark Jaqua’s commentary on an
article in The Canadian Theosophist and some further teaching on the
subject from G. de Purucker; Book reviews: Blavatsky Collected Writings
Cumulative Index and Olcott Library Annotated Book List.  Video review:
The Mahabharata by Peter Brook.

[May ‘91]	The Guardian Wall - STAR TREK version.  Some interesting
parallels with the script of the TV series to the Brotherhood of Adepts;
 The Hidden Hand - excerpts from Joscelyn Godwyn’s article in the Apr.
1990 Theosophical History, investigates the premise that one or more
lodges of the Adept Brotherhood were the impetus behind the various
kinds of ‘phenomena’ which sparked the interest in and rise of
spiritualism;  Book review: Just Another Spiritual Book by Bo Lozoff.

[June ‘91]	Occult Astronomy: Recent discoveries in Science
vindicate statements made 100 years ago by H.P.B. in The Secret Doctrine
and by the Adepts in The Mahatma Letters to A.P. Sinnett;  Trip Report:
Editor Dick Slusser and Marty Lyman follow Kokopelli’s trail and visit
Theosophists in California.

[July ‘91]	The Mystery of G. de Purucker: How was it possible, for
a man, regardless of how well educated in the West, to command this
depth of insight to thus extend the teachings of an Ancient Wisdom, for
which H.P.B. herself [Dec.‘95]	The Eve of 1996; Atlantean Impressions
II; Theosophy: Philosophy/Science/Art. Brotherhood of The Master;
Letters Received: David Reigle update,  Abhinyano; QWAA Reprint status;
Book Review: In Search of Atlantis; Pilgrimage to India

Temple and the Pool (Concluded); Pilgrimage to India.

[Nov. ‘93]	Franz Hartmann: A biographical sketch of an early
Theosophist; “The One Life” by Wm. Q. Judge; Pilgrimage to India.

[Dec. ‘93]	Franz Hartmann’s Psychometric experiment: A clairvoyant
German woman envisions an ashram in Tibet; The Christmas tree: Occult
symbolism in pre-Christian tradition; Outreach: tribute to a dedicated
worker; Pilgrimage to India; Nasrudin’s boat.

----------------------------end of Part 1 of 2 --------------------------

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