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Re: Marriage and Self-Indulgence

Jun 03, 1997 12:09 PM
by Titus Roth

Somebody quoted:

>> In "The Mahatma Letters" is the following: "Occult Science does not allow a
>> shadow of self-indulgence, and is incompatible with the *ordinary* course
>> of married life."

(Emphasis mine)

I remember reading in Alice Bailey that some of the Masters were married.
One can be married, have children and not be self-indulgent (or at least
no more self-indulgent than if he or she is not married).

Actually, one of the many things marriage demands and teaches *is*
selflessness. The reason most fail is due to not getting the lesson. More
evolved persons (that excludes me) reputedly have mastered all the things
marriage teaches and therefore it is unnecessary. But non-necessity doesn't
imply harmfulness.

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