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Re: Hill Country Theosophist

Jun 03, 1997 03:07 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Dear Slusser:

Myself and several others would like to know more about HCT. Can you let
us know how we can subscribe and any other information that might be
helpful. When I receive the info, I plan to post it on theos-l.


M K Ramadoss

Eldon B. Tucker wrote:
> >One of my friends was inquiring about Hill Country Theosophist. Can you
> >provide information about how one can subscribe to it. You may want to post
> >a response to theos-l directly. Thanks. I am copying this msg to theos-l also.
> The editor is Dick Slusser, You might want to ask
> him for a short writeup of his magazine which you could repost. (The
> magazine is called the HIGH COUNTRY THEOSOPHIST.)
> -- Eldon

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