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Re: The Way Ahead is probably dead

May 30, 1997 06:27 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
> In message <>, "K. Paul Johnson"
> <> writes
> >Question for Einar, or anyone who may know:
> >
> >When was the Warcup article published?  Was anything done in
> >response to it?
> It was first published in ~The Theosophical Journal~in the UK, around
> the Spring of 1995, and Adam gave me permission to upload it onto the
> net at the time, which I did.  I think I sent it to theos-l or theos-
> buds as e-mail, so there may be a more exact date in the archive
> somewhere.  I cannot find my copy of the ~Journal~ which contained it.
> My action was probably the *only* serious response to it in the UK, but
> there was a lot of support from emergent TI members and other theos list
> readers at the time.
> ~The Theosophical Journal~ in England behaves as though internet
> facilities do not exist.  When I was still a member, I sent in a number
> of reports (by fax) of net activity and expressly mentioned theos-l etc.
> Nothing was published, and I was in fact very badly treated by my own
> Lodge, being among other things summarily dismissed by Lodge
> presidential fiat [illegal under the rules] for promoting the Internet
> and Theosophy International ("A rival organisation").
> YUK.
> SFAIK, Adam Warcup, like myself, is no longer a member of the Adyar-
> based TS, along with an increasing number of Brits who are pissed off
> with the attitude taken by those in "command" of the English Section,
> which had only 1313 members left on the last count in the Spring of
> 1996.

    That is very interesting. When did Adam Warcup leave Adyar TS?

    It does not surprise me that ~The Theosophical Journal~ in England
behaves as though internet facilities do not exist. Typical osterich

    During the last two years I have been on the Internet, I have known
so much of the information that I did not know over the last almost four
decades of my involvement with TS.

    I can well understand the apprehension about all the information
that have been kept in the dark in the past is going to be out. In the
past anytime you inquire knowledgeable leadership about any past events,
the general response has been "what does it matter to you" -- that is a
trick to avoid disclosing information.

    Internet is still viewed with great concern, IMHO. I recently heard
of a very important and useful e-mail address paid for from the coffers
of organization's funds but not want it to be known to the other
theosophists, apparently being used only by select elite to communicate.
Truth is stranger than fiction.

    Thanks Alan for the post.


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