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Re: The Way Ahead is probably dead

May 30, 1997 06:30 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 08:32 PM 5/30/97 -0400, Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
>In message <>, "K. Paul Johnson"
><> writes
>>Question for Einar, or anyone who may know:
>>When was the Warcup article published?  Was anything done in
>>response to it?
>It was first published in ~The Theosophical Journal~in the UK, around
>the Spring of 1995, and Adam gave me permission to upload it onto the
>net at the time, which I did.  I think I sent it to theos-l or theos-
>buds as e-mail, so there may be a more exact date in the archive
>somewhere.  I cannot find my copy of the ~Journal~ which contained it.
>My action was probably the *only* serious response to it in the UK, but
>there was a lot of support from emergent TI members and other theos list
>readers at the time.

      I believe it was also published in AT.


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