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More questions

May 30, 1997 06:30 PM
by Romero Cortez D.Ma


Thanks M.K Ramadoss for answering my questions.
Still haven't managed how to see the images here.

i still have the question, about what Mabel Collins mentions in her book
"light on the path" those places she mentioned, those magical palaces,
where spiritual instruction is being made, you can reach them in the
dreams? i believe so, i do not know why. are mentioned that are
spiritual places in mental planes, but still i believe that you can
reach them in the dreams.
Also i have some question about the theosophical taughts on sexual
relations. i do not know why, maybe i'm wrong , but i believe that ,if
the process of the sexual relation is so complex, that involves
feelings, i believe that also, besides fluids (or babies) you can
transmit to the person your inner feelings, and taughts, not taughts
exactly , but your most spiritual being of state, that is, if the person
is somewhat , i don't know, serene, loving of peace, if a full
involvement is done by the copule, the peaceful person can transmit that
quality, or other qualities/defects to the other person involved.
Like when they say that you become one with that person, that is, he/she
becomes more like you and you become more like her/him, in all of the
senses (spiritual, emotional) you become the perfect complement to that
person, and also like him/her ...Is this clear?
 i don't know, maybe i'm wrong ,but ,for me that i really do not know
much of Theosophy, it will be interest to know what the authors or here
in this list the pepole that know have to tell of the subject. maybe the
esotheric significance on the subject is very deep.
could somebody here knows more deep on the matter? Doss?
Or anyone else?
That's all questioning for today (Dreams/Wise masters in dreams/magical
palaces-temples of wisdom in dreams/significance occult on sex (?))
bye and thanks
A salute to all and to Doc Bain also.Hi, Doc! I really like your page!!
P.S.A warm salute to Einar and a congratulations because of your page
(T.S. in Iceland) is very good!!

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