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The Way Ahead

May 30, 1997 08:11 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Question for Einar, or anyone who may know:

When was the Warcup article published?  Was anything done in
response to it?  Seems to me that Doss is right, that the
top-down pattern is so firmly established in the TS (in the
movement really) that change can never occur from the bottom
up-- alas.  For so many years, so many people have devoted so
much energy into trying to save the TS from itself-- without
any real progress that I can see.  There was a little blip of
hope when Coats was president and Dora was section head.  But
since then...

Unfortunately, creating a new organization from scratch seems
implausible too.  So few people are interested in/attracted to
Theosophy, and such a large percentage of them are committed to
one of the existing organizations, by personal loyalties if
nothing else, that there's not much potential out there for a
new group.

Of course, a *really* new group, that doesn't call itself
Theosophical, but incorporates HPB among others as a precursor,
is almost bound to develop sooner or later.  Several already
have, and the Anthroposophists for example seem to have a lot
more vitality than the Theosophists.  E. C. Prophet's CUT
in its own way has stolen the Theosophical thunder too.
But whether or not any such new emergent group would be to one's
taste is the question.  So far the only postBlavatskian
movement that appeals to me is the ARE.  Future such groups are
likely to make M. and K.H. into spacemen, as has already been
done in one of the major ufology cults.

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