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Re: arguing with Bart

May 30, 1997 06:17 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

liesel f. deutsch wrote:
> >Chuck and Titus) even UNDERSTAND my point of view. The rest are too busy
> >with knee-jerk attacks against it.
> >
> Bart, I don't think I said anyting against you. I said my lodge had a basket
> at the door, and occasional fund raisers. I think eac lodge or s.c. has to
> figure out their own finances to fit their own situation. NY with 2
> brownstones needs some income for upkeep already. No question about that.

	I believe my phrasing implying that there were others; I picked out
Chuck and Titus as ones who particularly defended me. I certainly did
not mean to belittle those who were willing to accept different points
of view as valid. I am especially happy that Eldon Tucker, who can write
rings around most of us, stated the case I was trying to make far more
eloquently than I could have.

	Bart Lidofsky

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