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Re: Just another bite of text (Secrecy)

May 16, 1997 08:22 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 04:24 PM 5/16/97 -0400, Romero Cortez D.Ma wrote:
>Just to put another point on the new subjects:
>M.K.Ramadoss wrote:
>> There may be
>> isolated instances when secrecy is justified -- especially when governments
>> get involved in dirty missions
>In those cases-when the goverments think they can be allowed to keep
>secrecy in horrors -and here in Mexico and Latin America we have very
>well documented cases of those Nightmare stories-secrecy is LESS than
> inethical.
>P.S.Another salute to all!!

Hi Estrella, my salute to you and everyone:

Anything that is against the first Object -- Brotherhood or Sisterhood or
Siblinghood or Humanhood -- cannot be justified by any argument or

Usually such reasons as Patriotism, Nationalism, national interests, even
some times some pseudo spiritual or religious ones etc will be used to
justify all kinds of cruelty perpetrated by man(woman) against man(woman).
The moment you compromise, in my opinion you are in a slippery slope.


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