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Flesh & Blood of Christ (Communion)

May 16, 1997 02:09 PM
by Leamon T. McDonald

	 I am very interested in the full concept of the blood & body of
Christ.  How do you interpret the following scriptures?
   John Chpt 6 Vs 53&54
   Romans Chpt 8 Vs 9
   Lev Chpt 17 Vs 11-14
   John Chpt 6 Vs 55
	 I would like to hear from those who feel that they have some
information concerning the application and administration of the blood
& body. Also, I have a webpage that has a few scriptures and my
interpretations, ect... feel free to visit it:
	 I hope I have inspired some interesting discussion! ;)

	 Thank you,
    Leamon T. McDonald
<> "Leamon T. McDonald"

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