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Re: how, why, older generation

May 16, 1997 08:22 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 05:00 PM 5/16/97 -0400, liesel f. deutsch wrote:

>6. Lack of openness - If I'm too ignorant to know the inner workings of the
>group, maybe I should go someplace else. Well, I'll tell ya what happened in
>my case. The ES has all these secret teachings, which I thought were
>necessary to become a very accomplished Theosophist. I dropped out of the ES
>after a very short time, because of a personal ethical conflict. But I
>wanted to learn, so I looked elsewhere. I don't know whether by now I've
>learned the same things the ES teaches, but I learned enough esoteric things
>to satisfy me, from several other sources, and today the secrets of the ES
>don't matter any more
>Liesel .
  Dear Liesel:

  HS Olcott was never a member of ES, yet he was in direct contact with the
Adepts and They knew he could get things done and he did. One time someone
asked him if he could give some practical instructions, I believe he told
the person that he could not.

  I think that it is time we need more practical doers than "spiritual"

  Your direction and mileage may vary.


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