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Re: Just another bite of text (Secrecy)

May 16, 1997 08:22 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 09:29 PM 5/16/97 -0400, wrote:
>In a message dated 97-05-16 16:38:12 EDT, you write:
>> M.K.Ramadoss wrote:
>>  > There may be
>>  > isolated instances when secrecy is justified -- especially when
>> governments
>>  > get involved in dirty missions
>>  In those cases-when the goverments think they can be allowed to keep
>>  secrecy in horrors -and here in Mexico and Latin America we have very
>>  well documented cases of those Nightmare stories-secrecy is LESS than
>> inethical.
>>  Estrella.
>>  P.S.Another salute to all!!

    Hi:  I agree with you. As a Humanitarian, any exploitation of other
living beings and any cruelty perpetrated on anyone for any cause should be
exposed action taken on the perpetrators and any justification citing
patriotism, national welfare, etc. etc. is something I can never support. I
want this to be made crystal clear. The moment you start compromising on
this, we start on a slippery slope.

>I'm so glad you said that!! When I read Doss's statement I thought I was
>misunderstanding it because the medications I'm on. I believe that it is the
>very atmosphere of secrecy itself that allows those "dirty missions" to be
>bred and conducted. Doss, did you mean when these "dirty missions" are
>justified by national security in the strictest sense? Of course, here in the
>US, a lot of secrecy which is "justified" by national security is the result
>of "if the citizens found out about this, they'd really be ready to take off
>our heads". And with the cloak of secrecy, why the dirty missions get
>reallllly dirty. <Wait, gotta go see who's that knocking at my door. Black
>helicoptors circulating overhead!!!! Arrrrrrgh, gotta send this off, purge my
>hard drive, etc. before They see it!!!!!!!!!!!!>

         See my comments above. There is no justification or compromise.

>P.S. Glad to see you're back, Estrella!!!!! Here's a hug. {{{{{Estrella}}}}}

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