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Re: Hi

Apr 21, 1997 07:13 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 07:26 PM 4/21/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello to all, it's me again.
>I haven't been here for a while, because i got real sick of the troath, still
>i'm sick!! and also some fever.
>I just stopped to see the letters of you (i only could read till digest 994
>something like that number i think) and i nonly wanted 2 to say to you a few
>first, to Lynn, thank you for your kindly letter. i have follow your
discussions, you seem like a nice girl like Thoa. a good person.
>Thoa, i have also  "feeled" the same as i meet the pepole, it started i think
>in highschool, but my mom says it's before: i meet the persons , and i actualy
>can "feel the being, the self, from inside the person, by the sight , the eyes
>of the person, the expresion of the face, i don't know really, but that way 
>i have evaded some problems with nasty pepole (or by the contrary, i had tried
>to frequent nice and beautiful souls) i don't know, i taught everybody had it,
>is something you can feel from inside.
>Also , since the lack of new subjects as Liesel (and i think M.K Ramadoss said
>too) said, i propose the subject of health, how a person studying theosophy
>can achieve good health,i know is difficult, but i think HPB and others had
>to said something at respect. i myself i'm beggining to suspect that the
>bad/good health is in relation of the chackra of the related organ/s of the
>body in question.
>If pepole here can say more about the question, please, i beg you to write 
>something at respect (NOW that i'm sick i think could be useful)
>P.S. salute gently to all the pepole here.
>pardon me if i'm not so constant, but in my home i don't have computer.

Hi, sorry to learn you are sick and I hope when you receive this msg you
feel better.

I do not know much about theosophical approach to sickness. From a practical
point of view, I try to use my common sense and use the traditionally
available methods of curing sickness or reducing the suffering. By
traditional, I mean it could be the western medicine or herbal or native or
any other system of medicine.

Secondly when one has some health problem, it helps if one can avoid
thinking about it. When one is preoccupied with something else, you tend to
forget you own sickness.

Keep us informed how you are doing.


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