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Apr 21, 1997 04:21 PM
by Romero Cortez D.Ma.

Hello to all, it's me again.
I haven't been here for a while, because i got real sick of the troath, still
i'm sick!! and also some fever.
I just stopped to see the letters of you (i only could read till digest 994
something like that number i think) and i only wanted to say to you a few stuff.
first, to Lynn, thank you for your kindly letter. i have follow your discussions, 
you seem like a nice girl like Thoa. a good person.
Thoa, i have also  "feeled" the same as i meet the pepole, it started i think
in highschool, but my mom says it's before: i meet the persons , and i actualy
can "feel the being, the self, from inside the person, by the sight , the eyes
of the person, the expresion of the face, i don't know really, but that way 
i have evaded some problems with nasty pepole (or by the contrary, i had tried
to frequent nice and beautiful souls) i don't know, i taught everybody had it,
is something you can feel from inside.
Also , since the lack of new subjects as Liesel (and i think M.K Ramadoss said
too) said, i propose the subject of health, how a person studying theosophy
can achieve good health,i know is difficult, but i think HPB and others had
to said something at respect. i myself i'm beggining to suspect that the
bad/good health is in relation of the chackra of the related organ/s of the
body in question.
If pepole here can say more about the question, please, i beg you to write 
something at respect (NOW that i'm sick i think could be useful)
P.S. salute gently to all the pepole here.
pardon me if i'm not so constant, but in my home i don't have computer.


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