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Keys to Kabbalah

Apr 21, 1997 05:00 PM
by Alan


Users of the theos-lists may be pleased to know that my book, "Keys to
Kabbalah" is now available from the World Wide Web.  Especial thanks are
due to Martin Euser (TI), who has worked very hard on this project, and
made the web space available.

Both Martin and myself are using Windows95, and the text (with
illustrations and some Hebrew terms) was formatted in WORD 7.  Win 3.1
users may know of file viewers that can read this (Such as INSO
corporation Quickview Plus) or the Microsoft Word Viewer which can be
downloaded from the Microsoft Web Site for free.

Copyright in "Keys to Kabbalah" remains with me, so that although the
web version may be freely distributed, it is understood that the text as
supplied on the internet shall not be altered in any way.  Anyone who
would *like* to make changes or add new data is, however, invited to
contact me personally with their proposals.  Who knows, this could be
the first consensus-produced Theosophy International work to be launched
upon the occult world!

The basic self-extracting EXE file is 828K.  Before downloading this,
read the information on URL


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