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Re: THEOS-BUDS digest 227

Apr 21, 1997 05:22 PM
by Mika Perala

Petra Michel wrote:

> Dear Mrs. Deutsch,
> This is a late reply to your friendly e-mail from February. As I have no
> e-mail system in Germany I took all the information with me to answer it
> from California. The intention to write a biography on Leadbeater is based
> on the simple fact that I think the work from Tillett (The Elder Brother)
> gives a totally misleading imagine of one of the greatest spiritual
> teachers of the last 100 years. I have already gathered a lot of material
> that will show a very different man than Tillett tried to characterize.
> What I am still looking for is material about the "unknown" years, i.e.
> years before 1900. I have a very good relationship with Dora Kunz, but
> she, who knew CWL quite well, could not help me with information about the
> early years

I would be very interested to know the birth date of Mr. Leadbeater.
Tillett gave a date that differs 7 years from Leadbeaters own memory. Maybe
it would be useful to check that out from birth register documents(or
whatever they are called in English) in England? Same goes for his supposed


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