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Re: THEOS-BUDS digest 207

Apr 21, 1997 07:08 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 07:14 PM 4/21/97 -0400, Petra Michel wrote:
>Dear Mrs. Deutsch,
>This is a late reply to your friendly e-mail from February. As I have no
>e-mail system in Germany I took all the information with me to answer it
>from California. The intention to write a biography on Leadbeater is based
>on the simple fact that I think the work from Tillett (The Elder Brother)
>gives a totally misleading imagine of one of the greatest spiritual
>teachers of the last 100 years. I have already gathered a lot of material
>that will show a very different man than Tillett tried to characterize.
>What I am still looking for is material about the "unknown" years, i.e. the
>years before 1900. I have a very good relationship with Dora Kunz, but even
>she, who knew CWL quite well, could not help me with information about the
>early years. I would very much appreciate any support you could give.
>For me it would be easier to correspond by Fax. My Fax-Number in Germany is
>-49-8092-83581. Until May 3rd you can reach me also under this e-mail
>number at Bluestar.
>Thank you for your help and kind regards
>       Peter Michel
>Petra Michel
>Bluestar Communications Corp., 44 Bear Glenn, Woodside, CA. 94062
>ph: +1-415-851-5880   fx: +1-415-851-2339  e-mail:
>Truth is a pathless land.
>                                Jiddu Krishnamurti

I would very much like your publishing material which contradicts or proves
any of the factual material contained in Elder Brother to be erroneous or
wrong. This is because I am yet to see any written material disputing any of
the things discussed in Elder Brother.

As far as pre 1900 years are concerned, I suppose the only place where
something is likely to be available is at Adyar archives. Perhaps a personal
trip to Adyar may be needed to accomplish this task and it would, in my
opinion, well worth it.

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