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CWL and Krishnamurti

Mar 17, 1997 01:54 PM
by Thoa Tran

Doss wrote:
>Whenever I posted something, it is always some new information that has
>come out. Usually of a very important nature and usually to bring it to
>the attention of the subscribers. Once we keep in mind that everybody is
>human and great people have great strengths and great defects, then it is
>easy to see them in total perspective.

I agree with this, especially in the case of those who have decided to
place themselves in a leadership position, and in particular spiritual
leadership.  A person in the position of making into law code of ethics for
his/her followers should be prepared to have his/her life be an open book.
With such a powerful status, it is only fair to the followers to know every
aspect of that person's life that colors his/her choices.  Keeping the
group in ignorance of the negatives is another way of confining them from
free thinking and personal decision.

Liesel wrote:
>One thing I learned from
>Leadbeater, and Serge King says the same thing, it doesn't help anyone to
>say negative things about people. Serge explains it this way. Your
>Unconscious doesn't notice the difference between something you say or think
>about yourself or somebody else. So if you say something nice, about anyone,
>including yourself, it glows and grows in strength, if you say something
>derogatory, the Unconscious weakens.

In general, I agree with this.  However, I think that the purpose of
posting negative information regarding a leader differs greatly from the
purpose of just spreading malicious gossip.  Imagine how many horrendous
deeds in the past could have been prevented if the community had known all
aspects of a leader's motivation, all details of the deeds, and all
negative opinions.  That is why the first thing to go in a dictatorship is
freedom of speech.  Another thing that I think should be freely implemented
is allowing the community to be aware of ex-cons with a dangerous past in
their midst, in particular child molesters, rapists, and murderers.

BTW, last weekend, while I was pushing my stylus pen, I saw on PBS a very
interesting lecture by Dr. Andrew Wild (?).  He was stating that negative
thinking can have a detrimental effect on your health.  He said that
Western medicine is too focused on thinking of the patient as sick instead
of as being healthy.  He cited one example.  There was one woman in his
group who has a knack of finding 4-leave clovers.  Show her any grassy
patch and she will find  4-leave clovers.  Her secret is that she always
starts out with the premise that there are 4-leave clovers in that patch.
When she showed the people in the group how to replace their no 4-leave
clover premise to there is, people were starting to find the clovers.

As an aside, because of the reason that the unconscious does not
differentiate between what you're thinking and what is actual, I believe
that it is more important than ever for children to be protected from
sexual and violent imagery and words.  This is not to say that we should
deny freedom of speech.  I value that greatly.  However, the responsibility
should be with the parents, the school system, and the media rating system.
While strong topics should be allowed broadcast, there should be a system
of letting parents and the school be aware of its content.


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