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that vegetarian thing

Mar 17, 1997 01:53 PM
by Thoa Tran

I also read in the newspaper an article on Jhoon Rhee, the Tae Kwon Do
Grand Master.  He stated that he is a "flexible vegetarian."  That means
that although his diet is mostly vegetable and fish, he will eat meat if he
is a guest in someone's house who unknowingly served meat.  I understand
his thinking.  In Asian tradition, it is rude to reject what is offered
you.  In the past, if I am a guest a someone's house, I will eat whatever
they serve, no matter how exotic or bland.  Hence, my predicament.  Last
weekend, I went to a BBQ at a friend of a friend's house.  The main dish is
nice juicy steak.  I was told that it is very tasty and that I should try
it.  Although I declined, I felt guilty afterwards.


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