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CWL and Krishnaj

Mar 17, 1997 08:10 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Thoa Tran, you wrote

>A person in the position of making into law code of ethics for
>his/her followers should be prepared to have his/her life be an open book.

I don't disagree with that Thoa. But I want you to know, that a long time
before you joined theos-l, I had a very nasty battle with several of the men
re CWL. Without going into any of it again, I want you to know Thoa, that my
Teacher who died 2 years ago, was CWL's pupil, and he told me in no
uncertain terms that all these nasty allegations re CWL were untrue. There
are statements by him and other pupils of CWL to the same effect. Some of
them are in the archives at Wheaton.

I think that when Smallet, or whatever his name is, wrote his book none of
the people who really knew CWL would have anything much to do with him. I
think some of them tried and it misfired. Certain people didn't have
anything good to say about CWL, and apparently they're the ones who talked
to him. The ones I know, who loved and revered CWL, as do most Adyar
Theosophists, say that all this accusations are very false. Now I guess it's
up to you to figure out, if you can at this distance in time, who's telling
the truth, and who's lying, or else imagining wrong interpretations on
Just for instance, S. says disparagingly in his book that he got in touch
with the Outer Head in Adyar, and never got an answer. That made him angry,
more or less. Well, if he'd known anything at all about the inner workings
of the Society, as he should have known in order to write an adequate book
about CWL, he would have known that the ES is an organization whose members
aren't allowed to acknowledge that they are members, so of course the Outer
Head didn't acknowledge his letter. He *did* have an interview with Joy
Mills, who's so high up in the organisation I'm sure she's an important ES
member, but he didn't realize that. I forget what the outcome of that was.
If I remember correctly, she didn't tell him very much.

I'm really disgusted that people keep on saying disparaging things about CWL
from time to time on this list. I don't think it's right to do this to any
of the theosophical leaders, whether he belongs to your own faction or to
someone else's. I think theos-l should be a meeting place of all the
splinter groups of Theosophists, and a place where we show respect for each
other's differences. Seems to me that Theosophists especially should be
leaders in respecting people's differences. We're the ones who preach the
"brotherhood" of "man".


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