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Re: CWL and Krishnamurti

Mar 16, 1997 09:23 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

Dear Liesel:

Whenever I posted something, it is always some new information that has
come out. Usually of a very important nature and usually to bring it to
the attention of the subscribers. Once we keep in mind that everybody is
human and great people have great strengths and great defects, then it is
easy to see them in total perspective.

Before theos-lists were setup, there were only two ways in which
information was available. One is thru the official magazines of
organizations and the other is thru word of mouth. Both had its
limitations and the officials who control the former saw to it that only
the official party line is presented. What else do you expect.

After I got on theos-lists, I was aware of a lot of information which was
unavailable from any other source. What I learnt in 2 years were not
known to me for several decades. So I feel that any information,
positive, negative or informative, that may help some one should be made
available openly and freely using the cyberspace. The days of secrecy and
control of information is going to end for the good. This is my humble

Your mileage and direction may vary.


PS: On an informative matter, I posted the info on Seven Virgins from
Java (?) (from Tillett's book), and did you see no one had anything to add.
Many saw this information for the first time.

So I welcome anyone to share anything they care to post here.

On Sun, 16 Mar 1997, liesel f. deutsch wrote:

> Dear Doss,
> If it's all the same to you, I'm not going to take up your challenge, and
> start another 3 month long useless fight. One thing I learned from
> Leadbeater, and Serge King says the same thing, it doesn't help anyone to
> say negative things about people. Serge explains it this way. Your
> Unconscious doesn't notice the difference between something you say or think
> about yourself or somebody else. So if you say something nice, about anyone,
> including yourself, it glows and grows in strength, if you say something
> derogatory, the Unconscious weakens. At his workshop several years ago, he
> called up 2 people. He told them both, in turn, to think of something nice,
> & say, "I like that". Then he arm wrestled them, and they remained pretty
> firm. Then he told them to think of something derogatory and say "I don't
> like that". When he arm wrestled them after that, he won easily. This is an
> experiment you can easily duplicate yourself. For this reason I'm not
> interested much in saying nasty things about anyone, and I wish you'd stop too.
> Liesel

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