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CWL and Krishnamurti

Mar 16, 1997 07:45 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

Dear Doss,

If it's all the same to you, I'm not going to take up your challenge, and
start another 3 month long useless fight. One thing I learned from
Leadbeater, and Serge King says the same thing, it doesn't help anyone to
say negative things about people. Serge explains it this way. Your
Unconscious doesn't notice the difference between something you say or think
about yourself or somebody else. So if you say something nice, about anyone,
including yourself, it glows and grows in strength, if you say something
derogatory, the Unconscious weakens. At his workshop several years ago, he
called up 2 people. He told them both, in turn, to think of something nice,
& say, "I like that". Then he arm wrestled them, and they remained pretty
firm. Then he told them to think of something derogatory and say "I don't
like that". When he arm wrestled them after that, he won easily. This is an
experiment you can easily duplicate yourself. For this reason I'm not
interested much in saying nasty things about anyone, and I wish you'd stop too.


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