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Re: [Q's and ponderences] - to Ben

Feb 03, 1997 10:47 PM
by kymsmith

Ben wrote:

>I wondered
>whether the ladies on the list who have such strong views towards men would
>care to comment?

I suspect I may qualify as one of the "ladies" you spoke of; however, I need
a bit of clarification on some questions and comments included in your post.

>Are they being used as vehicles for this future race or are
>they simply being vain.

Are you asking if women feel that they are being exploited when it comes to
having children?  What do you mean when you say "are they simply being vain?"

>I realise that prostituting their vehicles for the
>male personality defects would be considered wrong, but why are they so
>negative towards men?

What or who are "the male personality defects?"  Women are not negative
towards men, they are simply trying to eliminate the negative
actions/behaviors of a male-dominated society.  Women (and men) who fight
for equality have been accused of being negative toward both men and women.

>It would not IMO be true to say that power in itself
>equates to imbalance only potential difference which is why I wonder why
>some women try to attain more of it. What is power, but perhaps life-force.
>If it is could it mean that men with greater "life-force potential" try to
>follow the path of least resistance. If this is the case are women selfish
>if they try to restrain the flow of force?

You're wondering why women want to attain more "power" or "life-force?" What
is the "path of least resistance?"  What do you mean "try to restrain the
flow of force?"



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