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Re: [women selfish?]

Feb 03, 1997 10:47 PM
by kymsmith

Ben wrote:

>If women "train" men not to want them then they [men] may become less
>selfish in the long term leading to a new "golden age" through eventual self
>control. Granted, it may mean temporary pain for men but it would lead us
>upwards to liberation.

Women are not responsible for men's "liberation" and vice versa.  We must
all "train" ourselves.

In the Middle East, women are required to wear chador (full covering) in
order not to "tempt" men and cause their "downfall."  The result of this
thinking and practice has caused great suffering for women - and made men
appear weak of soul and devoid of any self-control.  It has also failed to
lead to the new "golden age" you speak of.

>If men don't ask anything of
>women then how will the seed for the next race come about?

Indeed!  So they better ask nicely.



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