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Fw: [women selfish?]

Feb 03, 1997 05:06 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

The following is a forwarded post to the list, written by my
> From: Bermingham Charles E <>
> Subject: RE: [women selfish?]
> Date: Monday, February 03, 1997 2:21 PM
> Here's my reply (if you want to post it.)
> Excuse me, gentlemen, but I have to reply to this.  I'm not on the
> mailing list, due to being busy, but I just wanted to say something
> about this topic you are on right now.  I think you're missing the mark.
> Women are poeple, just like men.  Deal with it.  Once you've done that,
> you might find your relationships with women improving.
> I'll give you an example.  There is a survey that was given to women,
> asking them which "pick-up line" was most effective in their initial
> relationships with men.  Of all the lines that they were given, the one
> that was most effective and respected was:
> "Hello."
> followed closely by:
> "Hello.  May I intruduce myself?" etc.
> Notice that "May I buy you a drink?" and "What's your sign?" weren't
> there?  Actually, "I'm having a drink--would you like one too?" was more
> appreciated, and NOT at the beginning of the conversation.  Why?
> It took me a few years to figure this out myself, but it's simple: women
> want basically the same things as men.  You may find this hard to
> believe, but it's generally true.  There are some *details* that are
> different, such as women being more *interested* in relationships than
> men, and the fact that women have to bear the thildren, but basically,
> if you understand yourself, you're about 90 percent of the way to
> understanding women.  Remember: most of your bodily cells are darn near
> exactly the same as those of your female counterpart.  There is only one
> chromosome that's different, out of 46 or so.  And even the differences
> apply more on a case-by-case basis than you might think.  Many men who
> are regarded as "effeminate" make the best partners, sexually and
> otherwise.  Why?  Because they *take* *an* *interest.*
> Do you feel that women don't appreciate you?  Remember, appreciation is
> a two-way street.
> Also, you can't "get" a woman.  The harder you try to "get" one, the
> less she's going to want to be around you.  Would you like someone to
> "get" you?  What makes you think they are any different?  Believe me,
> sexual (and other) relations work out a hell of a lot better once you
> give that up.
> And I ain't talking about Jupiter or Venus or mythology or anything.
> I'm talking about *understanding*!!!
> Another way to put it is from a friend of mine.  I once asked him what
> it would take for me to get along with women.  He said: "Take them down
> off that pedestal, and be friends with them.  They're not prizes in a
> game."
> It's a big step, but believe me, it's a major one.  And it works.
> >----------
> >From: 	Ann E. Bermingham[]
> >Sent: 	Monday, February 03, 1997 11:52 AM
> >Subject: 	Fw: [women selfish?]
> >----------
> >> From: Benjamin Mark Pybus <>
> >> Subject: Re: [women selfish?]
> >> Date: Monday, February 03, 1997 9:41 AM
> >>
> >>>Tom Robertson:
> >> >Women are selfish if they do not give men whatever they want ("they"
> >> meaning men, not women).
> >>
> >> But if women restrict what they give it may be a service to man. It was
> >> because men wanted to become less ethereal that they "fell", and when
> >>Jupiter
> >> helped produce the 4th race and gave women to men the passions quickly
> >> became debased desire leading to all the problems of Atlantean magic and so
> >> forth. If women "train" men not to want them then they [men] may
> >>become less
> >> selfish in the long term leading to a new "golden age" through
> >>eventual self
> >> control. Granted, it may mean temporary pain for men but it would lead us
> >> upwards to liberation. I don't know where the women would go to though,
> >> possibly to Venus or perhaps to some other constellation like Sirius.
> >>
> >> So, if women do not give man what he wants she is being truly altuistic -
> >> assuming she understands why she is doing it!
> >>
> >> It still poses the vexed question of whether men *should* want anything at
> >> all of women.If men don't ask for something they want it will inflict pain
> >> on the emotional body and will simply impede but not prevent the
> >> inevitable -conflict between spirit and matter.If men don't ask anything of
> >> women then how will the seed for the next race come about?
> >>
> >> Ben

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