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Re: [women selfish?]

Feb 03, 1997 03:38 PM
by Benjamin Mark Pybus

>Women are selfish if they do not give men whatever they want ("they"
meaning men, not women).

But if women restrict what they give it may be a service to man. It was
because men wanted to become less ethereal that they "fell", and when Jupiter
helped produce the 4th race and gave women to men the passions quickly
became debased desire leading to all the problems of Atlantean magic and so
forth. If women "train" men not to want them then they [men] may become less
selfish in the long term leading to a new "golden age" through eventual self
control. Granted, it may mean temporary pain for men but it would lead us
upwards to liberation. I don't know where the women would go to though,
possibly to Venus or perhaps to some other constellation like Sirius.

So, if women do not give man what he wants she is being truly altuistic -
assuming she understands why she is doing it!

It still poses the vexed question of whether men *should* want anything at
all of women.If men don't ask for something they want it will inflict pain
on the emotional body and will simply impede but not prevent the
inevitable -conflict between spirit and matter.If men don't ask anything of
women then how will the seed for the next race come about?


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