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Re: [women selfish?]

Feb 04, 1997 08:10 PM
by Titus Roth wrote:

> In the Middle East, women are required to wear chador (full covering) in
> order not to "tempt" men and cause their "downfall."  The result of this
> thinking and practice has caused great suffering for women - and made men
> appear weak of soul and devoid of any self-control.  It has also failed to
> lead to the new "golden age" you speak of.


It is amazing how even some very high spiritual persons of ages past did not
understand women.

But amongst partially enlightened spiritual teachers were many who recognized
the truth.  Yogananda wrote of his great guru, Sri Yukteswar, probably some
time around 1915,

"My guru mixed freely with men and women disciples, treating all as his
children. Perceiving their soul equality, he made no distinction and showed no
partiality ...

"Sri Yukteswar never avoided or blamed women as the cause of 'man's downfall.'
But he pointed out that women too, have to face temptation from the opposite
sex. I once asked Master why a great ancient saint had called women 'the door
to hell.'

"'A girl must have proved very troublesome to his peace of mind in his early
life,' my guru answered caustically. 'Otherwise he would have denounced, not
woman, but some imperfection in his own self-control.'"


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