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Re: Reality (to Tom)

Feb 03, 1997 05:22 AM
by Tom Robertson

Richard Ihle wrote:

>I was surprised to see Tom's reference to "HPB's
>idea that homogeneous spirit and matter are eternal."  Is this just a
>paraphrase, Tom, or do you have a particular reference?

In the footnote on page 10 of volume 1 of "The Secret Doctrine," HPB
wrote, regarding Mulaprakriti, which she called "the unmanifested
primordial matter," that "it is undifferentiated and eternal."

I have always wondered why she wrote, on page 15, that Spirit and
Matter are two aspects of the Absolute (Parabrahm), and then on page
18, she wrote that Parabrahmam and Mulaprakriti are the two aspects of
the One Principle.  Did she differentiate between Parabrahm and
Parabrahmam, or between the Absolute and the One Principle?


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