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Re: [Q's and ponderences]

Feb 03, 1997 05:25 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 07:45 AM 2/3/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Ben wrote:
>>what are the differences between Kumaras,Adepts, and particularly
>>Arhats? What are their relationships? Are Kumaras the same as the >Chohans?
>Charles Leadbeater, probably in "Masters and the Path," wrote about
>how these beings compare to each other.  He wrote of 10 possible
>initiations, that he knew of, that an individual could attain.  He
>wrote that an Arhat is one who had passed the 4th initiation, an Adept
>is one who had passed the 5th initiation, a Chohan is one who had
>passed the 6th initiation, a Manu, Bodhisattva, or a Mahachohan is one
>who had passed the 7th initiation, a Pratyeka Buddha or a Buddha is
>one who had passed the 8th initiation, a Lord of the World is one who
>had passed the 9th initiation, and a Silent Watcher is one who had
>passed the 10th initiation.
>The 4 Kumaras came from Venus.  Sanat Kumara is the Lord of the World
>of Earth now, while his 3 pupils, who are Pratyeka Buddhas now, will
>be the next 3 Lords of the World of our globe.
>I would be surprised if everyone fully agreed with all of this.
        While no one I know can speak from personal knowledge (any Adepts
here?) -- it is a very good working hypothesis and HPB spoke about all of
the above.

        In India, traditionally it is accepted that there are liberated men
and women and Kumara as a high Official. Kumara means young man. Sanat
Kumara probably alludes to his having a body of a young man. It is very
common for parents to name the new born as Kumara with various prefixes --
such as Sanat, Ram, Krishna, Raj, Govind, etc.

>These subjects are also mentioned in "The Secret Doctrine."

   ...and in many other books.



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