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Re: [Q's and ponderences]

Feb 03, 1997 05:33 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 06:24 AM 2/3/97 -0500, Ben wrote:

>Secondly, I am interested in these discussions on the LCC and Co-Masonry. I
>don't know anything about either of these. Is Co-Masonry directly linked
>with the Freemasons?

        Glad to see your questions. It is the marvel of Internet that you
can ask all these questions and get responses from all over the world.

        Usually in TS circles people do not talk much openly about LCC and

        Freemasons do *not* admit women - discriminatory against sex. (Co)
Masonry admit women.

        Traditional LCC also does not allow ordinations of women -- in my
humble opinion, discrimination against sex, pure and simple.

  One of these days I will post a historical background of Co-Masonry.

MK Ramadoss



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