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Re: [Q's and ponderences]

Feb 03, 1997 04:42 AM
by Tom Robertson

Ben wrote:

>what are the differences between Kumaras,Adepts, and particularly
>Arhats? What are their relationships? Are Kumaras the same as the >Chohans?

Charles Leadbeater, probably in "Masters and the Path," wrote about
how these beings compare to each other.  He wrote of 10 possible
initiations, that he knew of, that an individual could attain.  He
wrote that an Arhat is one who had passed the 4th initiation, an Adept
is one who had passed the 5th initiation, a Chohan is one who had
passed the 6th initiation, a Manu, Bodhisattva, or a Mahachohan is one
who had passed the 7th initiation, a Pratyeka Buddha or a Buddha is
one who had passed the 8th initiation, a Lord of the World is one who
had passed the 9th initiation, and a Silent Watcher is one who had
passed the 10th initiation.

The 4 Kumaras came from Venus.  Sanat Kumara is the Lord of the World
of Earth now, while his 3 pupils, who are Pratyeka Buddhas now, will
be the next 3 Lords of the World of our globe.

I would be surprised if everyone fully agreed with all of this.

These subjects are also mentioned in "The Secret Doctrine."

>I wondered whether the ladies on the list who have such strong views >towards men would care to comment? Are they being used as vehicles for >this future race or are they simply being vain. I realise that prostituting their >vehicles for the male personality defects would be considered wrong, but >why are they so negative towards men?

At least one of them (and probably all of them, since all women always
band together against us) says that to call a man a sexist pig is to
insult pigs.  I'm not sure, since I'm never one to express an opinion
very strongly, but I think she meant to criticize men.  Or, maybe she
was kidding - that must be it!  As long as they aren't sexist, though,
whatever they say is fine with me.

>What is power, but perhaps life-force.
>If it is could it mean that men with greater "life-force potential" try to
>follow the path of least resistance. If this is the case are women selfish
>if they try to restrain the flow of force?

Women are selfish if they do not give men whatever they want ("they"
meaning men, not women).

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