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Re: Reality (to Tom)

Feb 03, 1997 04:42 AM
by Tom Robertson

Richard Ihle wrote:

>I was surprised to see Tom's reference to "HPB's
>idea that homogeneous spirit and matter are eternal."  Is this just a
>paraphrase, Tom, or do you have a particular reference?

It might be a little of both.  In Volume 1 of "The Secret Doctrine,"
on page 582, she writes that "no atom is ever "created," for the atoms
are eternal[...]", that "[...] unmodified matter [...] and spirit, are
eternally one, [...] immutable and unconsumable, [...] , in eternity

>Purusha exists apart, of course

I was of the impression that, just like dozens of other pairs of
opposites I could list, spirit cannot exist without matter.


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