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Re: Reality (to Tom)

Feb 04, 1997 07:46 AM
by John Straughn

Tom Robertson writes:
>In the footnote on page 10 of volume 1 of "The Secret Doctrine," HPB
>wrote, regarding Mulaprakriti, which she called "the unmanifested
>primordial matter," that "it is undifferentiated and eternal."
>I have always wondered why she wrote, on page 15, that Spirit and
>Matter are two aspects of the Absolute (Parabrahm), and then on page
>18, she wrote that Parabrahmam and Mulaprakriti are the two aspects of
>the One Principle.  Did she differentiate between Parabrahm and
>Parabrahmam, or between the Absolute and the One Principle?

As I understand it, the Absolute is not actually THE absolute.  There are many
of them, each serving as the head of a heirarchy.  They are the Wonderous
Beings, etc etc.  The One Principle is the ineffable, eternal (truly eternal,
not manvantarically) principle from which ALL things which exist spring.
The Triaist


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